"Best we've ever taken"
Good morning Bob,

Just a note to thank you and Mary for making our trip to Savannah one of the best we have ever taken. It was a fantastic three days and Mary’s knowledge of the area is amazing. Our group had a wonderful time and experienced lots of new things even though some had been to Savannah on their own several times. Thanks for planning us a truly great and exciting trip that we will remember for years to come. If we decide to come your way again, I will definitely call you. Thanks again for a great trip.

Phyllis S. Travis
Western Avenue Baptist Church
Young at Heart Group
Statesville, NC
"Phyllis Travis" 



Why choose Adventures in Savannah?
Years of personal service to tourists from all over the world, from celebrities to anniversary couples to family groups, has given us an insight on how best to show off our city’s delights.

Savannah’s unique blend of historical attractions, architectural treasures, native beauty, and vibrant night life provide an overabundance of available choices during your precious vacation time. Our tours are affordably designed with your individual interests emphasized and arranged to suit your schedule. Call us or contact us through this website to begin your Adventure and inquire about schedules, rates, and itineraries; our initial consultation is free!

Your Personal Adventure in Savannah.....
Might begin with a walking tour of the downtown area, narrated by your personal guide, as you stretch your aching legs after a long flight. Or, it may be time for a carriage tour while you start to unwind from your drive. Of course, if a refreshing drink is first on your agenda, a reservation on the veranda or patio of one of our signature restaurants can be had. Or, straight to the hotel for unpacking and freshening up may be the order of the day. You decide what you require; we’ll make it happen!


The night holds many adventures for the bold or wary explorer. Our personal guides will take you to meet all of Savannah’s most legendary ghosts and ghouls. Continental and fine dining in a variety of excellent restaurants please any palate. We’ll steer you to the best nightclubs, including live music, stage shows, or dancing. Dinner and gambling cruises or other excursions can be individually arranged.

Full day excursions abound...

Throughout the Lowcountry with our individually designed itineraries. Lighthouse tours, historic forts and fortifications, great antebellum mansions and plantations, parks and public showplaces are all set against the backdrop that is the living museum of Savannah. Beachside adventures including charter boats, fishing, sea-kayaking, or just strolling along the sand are available for the asking. For nature lovers, ecotours of the Lowcountry’s natural beauty, visits to the Wildlife Refuge, or a Savannah Safari are not to be missed. Military buffs will find several marvelous museums and restorations, recalling Savannah’s almost 400 year history as a critical military location and source of proud patriots. Riverstreet and the City Market combine to become a shopper’s paradise, featuring many Lowcountry original artisans and products not seen elsewhere.

Your personal Adventures ...

Your guide escorts you and looks after you. (Or not, when those personal times arrive.) We arrange lodging, activities, meals, transportation in and around Savannah, and anything else you might want to do. Just make one phone call to us instead of twenty or even thirty calls yourself. We have access to all the best tours and accommodations in Savannah. You may be surprised at how inexpensive such a tour can be.

The price of your adventure will vary with the number of people, the length of your stay, time of year, your hotel, whether you come on the weekend or during the week, and which activities you choose for your group. Call or email us with your schedule and interests; our initial consultation is free!

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